Paying attention to living

Life and Mindfulness

Yoga class today presented with great food for thought.

We consider life more fully when thoughts and images of not having life come to our attention.  It is interesting how many of us have friends and family who are close to their end of life or have recently passed.  Do we feel comfortable with our thoughts and feelings.  Why do we need to be “comfortable” at this time. Certainly there are no shoulds only coulds.

These moments do give time for taking time to reflect on how one manages their life in relation to their death.  Preparation for handling death is not often talked about and even thought.  Preparation for death can a morbid topic for some of us.

These times allow a perspective of life that celebrates the fullness of living in life.  Do we spend our time just getting through life.  Are our hopes and fears a main focus of the mind’s attention?  Is the celebration of life lived through our lives or just our dreams?

I believe these questions are begging to arise.  They come to the surface when the waves of our life get a bit rocky and rough.  Otherwise we might be just too busy plowing ahead to notice the life that is under the waves.  (These undercurrents are the bulk of the ocean of what shapes our journey of “riding the waves”.)

Therefore living life fully is great.  Living life with interest, creativity and good companions are great.  All this is often just the surface of life.  Therefore many living life with mindfulness creates a connection deep within.  The practice of meditation exercises this connection of the depth of what is on the inside.  Yoga is actually the bringing together of this life on the inside with this life on the outside.

Sitting quietly, closing the eyes and turning the mind’s attention away from the outside, into the inside introduces ourselves to ourselves.  Bringing together ourselves allows for a fullness of the “depth” of our lives to be lived not just on the surface of the up and down ride of life.


  1. True, a life lived in mindfulness definitely helps in shedding much dross which remains clinging after our day to day experiences with the material world. Thanks Peter !

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