Just wanted to say hi to everyone.  We are part of a very colorful community.  Welcome!

Basic Ideas on this site

We will be looking together at several things

  1. There are two main divisions in this site. One is Yoga and the other is Physical Therapy.
  2. The Yoga site is based on the Himalayan Tradition.  Please use the following link.  You can go their directly from here.
  3. The Physical Therapy site can be accessed here.
  4. The yoga perspective is one of meditation and the preparations involved.  It is a slowly expanding site and covers many aspects of traditional yoga.
  5. In the physical therapy section, movement and it’s observation and mechanics will be emphasized
  6. Also there is a separate section for humor–just because it is a major part of life from my perspective
  7. This idea of building a community together on the web, comes from the ancient practice of Satsanga where people of like minded individuals come together to share.
  8. Other interests will also be shared


Please take this warm invitation to share in these pages.  I look forward to our expanding community.  Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy the visit.

Warmest regards–Peter

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