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Advanced Asanas in Yoga Nidra


Only for the most advanced Sadhaka’s

Yoga Nidra Sampler

Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima

Today the Full Moon on Monday, July 26th, is the festival day honoring the Guru.  Your first Guru is your mother.  It doesn’t matter if you have or don’t have a mother at this time.   It doesn’t matter if the relationship was good or not.  What matters is this force of the mother that has brought us into this world.  The guidance and love of this same force contained in the being of the mother is what is important.   This Guru in yoga then is that force which leads one from unreality to reality, from darkness to light, from mortality to immortality.  This is a very special day which often has been preceded by 40 days of self-purification.  This cleaning up can be started even now, just in case you might feel that you have missed out.  You know mothers are very loving, ALL the time.

There is a longer explanation and many words to express the reverence and connection with this life transforming force of the Guru.  Just so happens that the first one for most of us is our mom’s.

Himalayan Tradition

Swami Rama of the Himalayas spoke eloquently and briefly about Guru Purnima.  Please see the AHYMSIN site for this article (  There is also more information at the main landing page in the above Ahymsin link.

Full Moon Meditation

Today July 26th is a world wide full moon meditationSwami Veda sits at different times to cover all the different time zones.  Please consider sitting for any length of time at the hour in your respective time zone.  There is not special experience needed.  Just come into a comfortable and stable sitting position, close your eyes, relax and be aware of your diaphragmatic breath.  Keep returning your minds focus to the breath and let all other sensations, thoughts and feelings take a back seat in the mind.

If you miss this full moon date, there is a sitting meditation every full moon with Swami Veda.  Sitting with Swami Veda, even though he is many miles away makes a difference.  This mind-field is not fettered by location and distance.  Try it!  The above links will guide you to the appropriate times.

Let me know if there are any questions or comments.

Shantih, Shantih, Shantih–Peace, Peace, Peace

Using Ancient Wisdom Today

Pastor Eddie D. Smith Sr.

Science and Consciousness

Swami Veda Bharati

Just a small clip of one of the current living yogis of the Himalayas.  There are literally thousands and thousands of hours of recorded lectures by this sage.  See the sidebar resources for follow up links.

East and West Cultural Exchange

My Yoga is better than your yoga.

Which yoga or which technique is best?  The way that we do it today is so much better than before.

Really, are these thoughts uncommon.  Haven’t you ever had similar thoughts or expressed words like these above?

There is a quote from the great Yogi, Swami Veda Bharati in 2005.

In Western cultures the old is replaced by the new.
In Indian culture the new comes alongside of the old.

I have seen exactly what he is talking about on the roads of India–there you see both the modern day cars as well as the old style wagons, being drawn by a water buffalo.  These paths and roads of India go from what we are all use to in the West to what we are not use to or familiar with in the West.

Inclusive vs Exclusive

Accommodation of both is facilitated.  Sure there is a bit of a battle on the roads, and the bigger the vehicle the more lesser size vehicles must do the accommodating.  So here, size does matter.  It just doesn’t exclude the other.  A very important point in today’s Western viewpoint that maybe lacking much of the time.

Deciding on the best yoga or technique or practice to focus on

First be familiar with what has been practiced and is currently being practiced.  Read More→