Strengthening Your Pull


One of the major functional divisions in movement is pulling.  The pullup is one of the great bench marks of this activity.  Many cannot do even one–been there and done that.  Well there is a lot of help to work on this simple and very effective movement.


There are lots of intructional videos and information out there.  Just wanted to post on two places to acquire simple gear to help you in accomplishing a pullup.

Check out:

  1. for their Superbands a low tech offering that gets the job done.  They can be used for many other things and they are on sale as of August 19th, 2010.
  2. for their Pullup Revolution a recently released new product–looks interesting.

Follow up

In today’s world of complexity and high tech gadgetry–it’s nice just to have something so simple yet so effective as pulling.  Of course horizontal pulling is a great way to start for many.  Also the other complimentary movements of pushing, squatting, lifting, etc are to be considered.

Now go out and pull your weight around (vs push your weight around–pun intended–in many ways)


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