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Sitting Better

Oh-Oh, another thing to do!  Wait, this can be a bit painless.  I have just made a short video that gives you some of the basic information you need to sit smart.  This means that it is the very basic information you can use to make sitting a bit more comfortable.  Now it does take some work.  Most of us are working way too much.  Some of us would love to get some work–(and get paid for it).  Either way we are all sitting around.  In fact as I type I’m sitting.  So it’s pretty universal.  Proper sitting is essential for those of us who are in pain due to improper sitting.   How do you know that this means you?  Just try it out!

View this video and see if it doesn’t help give you some things to work on.  Remember the work is in the practice, practice, practice–doing it well.  Of course doing it well means slowly coming to be able to feel what you are doing and then feeling how to change it.  Remember the key is finding out what you do by creating an ability to actually sense these movements and postures.  Then changing them becomes easier.  The repetition of the change helps then change the previous habit.

Note the details of sitting here pertain to sitting without the back of a chair.  The main lesson is especially pertinent for those of us doing a forward oriented tasks.  These would include writing, actively speaking or other table/desk type of tasks that focus us to the space in front of ourselves.

Video on Sitting


I want to thank my teachers who have taught me.  I simply have “stolen” their ideas and given them to you here.  Of course I must mention Swami Veda Bharati, who is the Michelangelo of sitting for meditation.  This video is only the introduction to learning how to mechanically sit better.  It is not a treatise on meditation or sitting for meditation.

The introductory course that is taught by me on sitting for meditation is at least 6 hours.  We break that up into two days of three hours each.  Much more is taught than just the mechanics, so this is only a start.

This sitting lesson is for all of us who sit–especially in the unsupported sitting position.  Sitting against the back of a chair–or oh my god, against the back of a sofa or pillow–is quite different.

Good luck in your practice and feel free to comment below–thank you–peter


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