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Cookies of the Mind

11091346_783599491747296_4678538241153347185_nCookies of the Mind

Have you noticed being on the computer lately and it knowing exactly what you want to do?
I use the computer to pay bills, make plane and restaurant reservations and buy all kinds of things.  Now days the computer tracks all this information and then helpfully suggest that you might be interested in this restaurant or item or great deal on travel.
So you see the computer has become “smart” about us.  It is even helping us.  It is starting to talk to us on seemingly on it’s own.
These embedded cookies that facilitate a lot of this exchange of helpful advise is probably similar to how the mind works with or against us.

 Now What?

If we are sitting in a daily meditation practice, we can witness this kind of helpful to mis-behavior of our mind.  It can inspire, inform and drag us around our psychological merry-go-round.
It doesn’t seem like we can easily go into our mental software and shut off the “cookies” function of the mind.  It is set up as a default system to provide this inner cogitation that can be both helpful and hurtful.
Looking at my mind when I sit can be a fleeting endeavor.  Meditation is spoken of lately as this wonderful fix that is available to everyone to make them healthy, happy and wise.
Well once you start, it has that as a potential.  Yet the daily reality of sitting with our mind and it’s “cookies” often turns up less wonderful moments than recently advertised in the mass market of meditation.

 Next Step

So this observation of a wayward focused mind is a major impediment to quieting the mind.  We can spend years sitting hanging out with all these inner suggestions and “helpful” advise from the inside.  We may get more relaxed, etc but these cookies of the mind just don’t stop.
They follow patterns of the subconscious.  Our life path is the map of our subconscious.  What we think we should or would like is not the same as what we do.
Then sitting quietly does not necessarily change it.  In fact, we are not sitting quietly.  Our body may learn to sit still over time.  We may even feel more at ease.  Yet our daily and year to year life actions still lead us in our habitual, less than satisfactory directions.  This sitting is just the end result of all this programming and helpful “cookie” implementation of the automatic, subconscious mental programming we have stuffed inside.
It just all comes out in sitting and we spend our 20-60 minutes slogging around this repetative cycle of likes/dislikes, fears, identifications, etc.  All the while the thoughts that arise are like the cookies on the computer—we (us helpful “cookies”) are here to help you buy into something that you have been thinking, talking or doing for all the other times of your life.

 Is the Answer Coming Here?

So—what to do, or think or say.  Don’t add anything right now.  Maybe there is not a ready answer for us.  To have an answer begs the question.  We are missing stuff that we really don’t notice.  Just sitting and expecting to figure it out may not be working.  Otherwise our lives would be different.

Soooo—now what?

It is just a good question.  Finding a way to listen in ways that we have not before would be good.  Doing the same thing and expecting something different is insanity, as they say.  We have to do something different, think something different, observe something different.
Now what?  That is the first step.  Stay with that question and not knowing.  Don’t answer.  Listen.  Then just listen again.
They say the knowing comes from within.  Find That Within.
It is not here in these words.  It is inside of each of us.  It is not in these thoughts.
Again, listen.
Then listen and breathe.
This last step is the advanced path.  Don’t rush.  Don’t worry.  Don’t agree/disagree.
Just return to listening and the flow of ones breath.