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Remembering the Basics

The Basics of Practice

“I stand not on the shoulders of those before.  My steady stance comes from returning to the that same place those who have stood before.  Over time the work of this continuing practice exposes an ease and relaxation of effort that before was not available.  A bringing together of all postures and directions into an experience of holding only one which is all.  Then these differences of where one stands is no longer an effort of finding the right place or thing–it turns into a continuous flow of this stream of consciousness which is this form and love of ones life.”

This quote comes from the thoughts and experiences of working ones practice.  It follows the references made in the first and second pada of the Yoga Sutras.  These teachings come of course from the practices of those before.  It is only because of this connection that has been afforded to me in this Himalayan Tradition that these thoughts and experiences arise.  It is these teachings that are the teachers.  It is an expression of the work and love that is yoga.

Hari Om